"Our position is very firm. We just want to send back (the waste) and we just want to give a message that Malaysia is not the dumping site of the world."

This is the assertive message that the Malaysian environment minister gave to the rest of the world, with the UK directly involved.

Refreshing to hear someone finally putting the needs of the environment first, Yeo Bee Yin has taken a strong stance on her country’s imported waste stating that, “if people want to see us as the rubbish dump of the world, you can dream on.”

This comes as a response to the returning of a total of 150 containers, (42 of which to the UK) containing plastic waste. With proportionate action required, Malaysia successfully repatriated a total of 3,737 metric tonnes of plastic waste, consequently also closing in excess of 200 illegal plastic recycling factories. Some truly remarkable work from the Malaysian environmental minister, hopefully, we see more environmental leaders take a similar stance.

Malaysia has taken a stand against waste and it’s time that we all did too.

Rather than sending your plastic waste to landfill, act sustainably, reuse and recycle your plastics. Often plastic “waste” can be reused or recycled more appropriately, with plastics often discarded long before they need to be. For example, rather than throwing away takeaway boxes, use them as packed lunch boxes to take to work/school or of course, in your own home. Plastic cups can be used as storage for stationary/snacks and when painted/modified, waste milk bottles can be used as plant pots/vases.

There’s so much more that you can do to get creative with plastics, rather than just throwing them away and contributing to global warming. We’d love to hear your suggestions, feel free to comment below with your ideas.  
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