New Year, New Us!

Drawing in the new year with a re-brand, Rebuyer, (formerly known as DC Reclamation) aims to provide an even higher standard of service.

With our new dedicated eCommerce site, 2020 will see a drastic drive in sales, with an inevitably more substantial profit share than last year which saw our clients enjoy tens of thousands of pounds in hassle-free revenue.

This was achieved through a sheer mass of collections. Over the course of 2019, Rebuyer collected over 50,000 pieces of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) from our clients, equipment that was destined for landfill. Through giving the products a new lease of life and reselling them back into the circular economy, we allowed ourselves, our clients and the planet to go that extra bit greener while simultaneously creating a profitable process.

As a sustainability-driven company that truly sees itself as a thought leader in the IT industry, Rebuyer strives to double last years numbers aiming this year, to collect in excess of 100,000 WEEE products.

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