Your response to the pandemic has been fantastic for the environment. We’ve noticed more people are purchasing and reusing old laptops and computers in order to work more effectively from home instead of buying new ones that they likely won’t have a use for in the future.


If you did not know, approximately 70% of toxic waste in landfills is caused by e-waste, this not only harms our environment, but to our own health as well. The most common toxic waste materials you’ll find in electronics involves lead, mercury, cadmium, barium and lithium. These materials can cause problems such as brian damage, kidney damage, and even cancer.


This is why we do what we do. We take your old laptops and breathe new life into them. Our primary aim is to refurbish and resell each one, if we cannot do that we’ll pull the working parts from the machine and recycle the rest. Recycling involves melting down the metals to eventually use in future components, creating a circular economy.


But we don’t just preach being sustainable, we try to follow what we say as much as we can. When setting up our office we evaluated whether we needed the newest Intel Core i7 or if the 2014 model we had on hand could do the same job (we’re using the 2014 model). Anything that breaks we will try to fix before resorting to sending it to a recycling centre. The materials we pack with are sustainably sourced: the boxes we use are either repurposed, or are made from recycled materials; the void-fill we use is shredded documents. We minimise the amount of plastic we use in our packaging, we tried to go fully plastic free but couriers aren’t the kindest with fragile parcels. It’s simply impossible to be perfectly sustainable in any industry or part of life, which is why anything we can do to help is greatly appreciated.


Businesses can help by using companies like ourselves to process that waste for them. There are many different models for what we do, our model allows you to earn back a portion of the profits. Contact us to make a collection request.

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